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Catagorize your Docky Icons with these Wonderful Labels

It would be really nice if we would be able to categorize a set of icons on docky and give a particular label to it. As such docky does not support labeled catagories. However, salathaendler came up with this innovative idea that makes it possible. Take a look:

How can you do it:
  1. Download the package from here
  2. Extract the folders.
  3. You will find two folders: light and dark.
  4. Choose any of these folders. The folders have different images for different labels.
  5. Drag and drop these images on docky.
  6. Rearrange the docklets under each label.
I must say that this is really nice work as docky looks really slick and polished with these labels. As of now there are only 5 labels: Web, Media, System, Places and Office. But more will come. Also, they look best with Faenza icon theme.


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