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Kubuntu 10.10 'Maverick Meerkat' Release Candidate is Out

Kubuntu 10.10 - Maverick Meerkat Release Candidate is available now. A brief note about the new features:
  • Combined Desktop/Netbook Image
  • New default web browser- Rekonq
  • Improved KPackageKit with application focused view
  • New improved ubiquity installer
  • Global Menu is activated by default for netbook
  • BlueDevil as default bluetooth manager
  • Qapt-batch now replaces install-package as the update/batch-installer utility
  • Kubuntu Mobile Tech Preview (!!)
For complete information on these features and review with screenshots, please visit Kubuntu Wiki.

To upgrade from Lucid and older versions upgrade, open the Run Command dialog by pressing Alt+F2. Type into the box kdesudo "do-release-upgrade -m desktop -f kde -d"

Kubuntu 10.10 RC can be downloaded from here

P.S. Could not come up with Kubuntu Review as I am not a regular Kubuntu User. But as always, Kubuntu Wiki has done a great review about what's new in store.


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