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Script to Download All Videos from a Youtube User and Make a DVD

Dvdtube is a python script to download all videos from a youtube user/channel and make a DVD from it. The script is quite easy to use with simple commands for specifying various parameters like the format of DVD or displaying the list of the urls of the videos uploaded by the user.

How to use it:

Download the archive from here and extract it. Install all the dependencies you need by running following command:

sudo apt-get install python-feedparser python-gdata youtube-dl python-kaa-metadata videotrans

Fire up a terminal and CD to the directory where you extracted the folder and run the script dvdtube.py with -h argument to get a list of commands with descriptions.

$ cd /home/user/desktop/dvdtube
$ ./dvdtube.py -h 

Now to download all videos from our youtube channel ubuntuvibes1, run the following command:

$ ./dvdtube.py -m ubuntuvibes1

I've not specified a directory here so it will download the videos to the folder where dvdtube.py is located. If you want to directly create a DVD, run the following commands and wait for the downloads to finish.

$ ./dvdtube.py -f NTSC ubuntuvibes1

Change the options with arguments -o, -m, -f or -u as per your need as shown in the image above.

Roadmap for future releases:
  • Ability to choose between simple and menu DVD types
  • Ability to choose between creating the iso file(s) and burning the DVD(s)


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