Sunday, October 17

Simple Command Line Utility to Upload and Download files from Megaupload and Rapidshare

Plowshare is a simple command line utility to upload and download files from file hosting services like megaupload and rapidshare, that supports free as well as premium accounts. The utility is quite fast and it's quite easy to download a file if you know the url. 

How to use it: 

Download and install the .deb file from the link at the bottom of the post.

To download a file, use command plowdown (no need to enter captcha)

$ plowdown

To download a list of links (one link per line):

$ plowdown file_with_links.txt

To download a list of links (one link per line) commenting (with #) those successfully downloaded:

$ plowdown -m file_with_links.txt

To limit the download rate (you can use curl rates: K=Kbps, M=Mbps, G=Gbps):

$ plowdown -r 50K

To download a file from Megaupload using a free membership account (note ':' is used to separate user from password):

$ plowdown -a myuser:mypassword

To download a password-protected file from Megaupload:

$ plowdown -p somepassword 

To upload files, use the command plowup

Upload a file to the Rapidshare collector zone  

$ plowup --auth-freezone=myuser:mypassword /path/myfile.txt rapidshare

Upload a file to Rapidshare anonymously changing uploaded file name:

$ plowup /path/myfile.txt rapidshare:anothername.txt

Upload a file to Megaupload with a free membership account:  

$ plowup -a myuser:mypassword -d "My description" /path/myfile.txt megaupload

Upload a file to Megaupload with a premium account and multifetch upload:

$ plowup -a myuser:mypassword -d "My description" --multifetch megaupload

Delete a file from megaupload (a premium account may be required):

$ plowdel -a myuser:mypassword

List links contained in a shared-folder link and download them all safely:

$ plowlist > links.txt
$ plowdown -m links.txt

For a complete lists of commands type plowup -h or plowdown -h

For more usage examples, go here

Plowshare supports some more services but I haven't mentioned because either download or upload support is missing from them. To know more about supported services, click here

Download .deb file from here

Note: I haven't tested all the commands except a few as I don't have premium accounts.


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