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15 Days

Those who follow Ubuntu Vibes regularly must have noticed that I have not been quite frequent in posting new articles in about last one month. 

This was mainly because I was getting very less time to write new posts. Now, there will be no new post for next 15 days (or 20) as I am getting married on 27th of this month :-)  :-(

There are lots of new articles I want to write and the pending queue is ever increasing. I would like to thank all those who submitted tips and will complete all my previous commitments as soon as I am back. 

This not everything though. There will be lots of new cool stuff on Ubuntu Vibes with focus on gaming aside from usual articles I write. This will include full game reviews, previews of upcoming Linux games, game developers' interviews, tweaks to make your system better handle 3D games and so on. 

You can access all our articles related to gaming by clicking here or by clicking on games category on top bar. Other articles can be accessed from labels widget on sidebar as all posts are neatly categorised.

Please subscribe to us in the meantime so that as soon as I am back, you will get notified about new posts.

Cheers !!


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