Wednesday, November 10

New Orta GTK Theme Looks Great on Your Ubuntu Desktop

Orta is a new GTK theme that just stands out with an innovative tab style, metacity controls, elementrish looks and two different panel styles.

  • 3 styles for tabs
  • Nautilus vanilla support
  • Nautilus Elementary support
  • New Metacity buttons
  • Two panel styles - light and dark
  • Rounded menu item selector
  • 3 different sizes for scrollbars
  • Gui configurator and installer
  • Includes Chromium theme
  • Download the package from here
  • If you installed Orta before, remove it from the directories: /home/yourusername/.themes/ and usr/share/themes/
  • Extract the archive and run the file with executable permissions
  • In the GUI, select your preferred settings and click on Install. Click on Save once the theme is installed
  • In case of nautilus elementary, enable breadcrumbs in nautilus settings
  • To install chromium theme, drag and drop the file Orta.crx on your Chromium window


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