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Popular First Person RPG 'Arx Fatalis' Open Sourced

Arx Fatalis is a first person role playing gaming released by Arkane Studios on November, 2002. The source code for the game has been released under GPL V3 on January 14th.

About Arx Fatalis

Arx Fatalis (meaning: Fatal Fortress) is inspired by popular RPG Ultima Underworld. The game has an open-ended gameplay style where player needs to complete quests, kill monsters, allocate skill points, much like in typical RPGs. The game also introduced an innovative spell casting system where to cast a spell you have to use mouse gestures to draw runes. The game is quite atmospheric that involves venturing through deep dark dungeons and have a overall dark tone to it. The game was received well among critics and users.

Game Trailer

Effort to port it on Linux have already started. There is a project on Google Code : Arx Liberis and also lots of git repositories. A thread have also been started on FreeGameDev by Black Mage. So if you want to contribute, you can join these efforts.
[via Free Gamer and Reddit]


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