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KDE Hybrid Launcher for Task Manager Plasmoid

Sup people this be gotbletu, this is my first guest post on here.

There is this cool feature that KDE 4.6 has with the 'Task Manager' Plasmoid.It's called "Show A Launcher For [Program] When It Is Not Running". Thats kind of a long ass name, so I personally call it the "Hybrid Launcher" hahah

Anyways, with this feature you can switch from a pinned launcher to a traditional open task, and vice versa when the program is closed.

Just open a task > right click > Advanced > Check 'Show A Launcher For [Program] When It Is Not Running'

There are still problems with it like, how would you open multiple instances of an application and also if the application is minimized to the tray area, it still counts it as close. Another one is the icon is small and you can not resize it. The way I coop with it was to make my panel bigger. Which does not look as sexy.

But with all that said, I really do like it so Give it a Try!!


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