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Free Multiplayer Shooter 'Teeworlds' 0.6.0 Released

One of the most addictive online shooter for Linux, 'Teeworlds' 0.6.0 has been released that brings many new features and fixes.

Teeworlds is a retro, cartoon-themed shooter where up to 16 players fight each other online. The game have huge fan following with hundreds of players playing the game daily.

New Features
  • A reworked ninja power up
  • A friend list
  • An upgraded spectator mode
  • IPv6 Support
  • The graphics have been revised and polished
  • Several maps have been reworked 
  • Some new ones have found their way into the release
  • Translations into other languages
  • UTF-8 support a
  • Lots of other changes
Check out the Video

Teeworlds is available in software Center but new packages are not yet uploaded. You can download latest Teeworlds 0.6.0 from here


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