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New Pre-Alpha Build Released for Upcoming 3D RTS Game 'Galactic Vice'

A new pre alpha build has been released for upcoming 3D real time strategy game Galactic Vice.

About Galactic Vice

Galactic Vice is is an action packed, fast paced, real-time strategy game featuring a battle between two races. Vital mistakes made by a corrupt human empire lead humanity to a catastrophic war against an alien race in which humanity is pushed to the brink of extinction.

Players control the battlefield from a top-down perspective and engage into intense wars. Every player begins the game with a small force of troops which he uses to expand dominion by acquiring resources, build a base, construct an army, and engage the enemy who is doing the same.

The troops you get, the abilities and upgrades you research and your skill in battle will affect how well you combat the enemy--and ultimately whether you win or lose.

Changes in this Release

This release features a new terrain system, new music, a map editor, improvements to the game-play and graphics, new  models, an options menu, and countless under-the-hood improvements ranging from config loading to GUI management. More details here.

Download Galactic Vice Pre-Alpha Build 2 (make sure you have following dependencies installed : libxrandr2, libopenal1, libsndfile1, libfreetype6)


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