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Windows 8 Metro Style Conky Theme

Kant - O from DeviantART has a designed a cool conky theme inspired by Windows 8 Metro UI. 

Though theme looks great, he signs off by saying:

I'm neither a fan of iOS (wallpaper) nor of Metro UI. I just thought of seeing how conky could look using a Metro similar style.

Installation Instructions
  • Install Conky from Software Center. 
  • Create a directory named .conky in your home folder.
  • Download the .zip file and unzip the contents to the newly created folder.
  • Edit the file mail.sh and place your gmail credentials (otherwise it will not fetch the number of mails in the gmail account).
  • Run conky.sh (if it does not run, make sure it is executable)
  • If you want Conky to start when a new session loads, add the file named conky.sh.desktop to your startup applications (or copy to  ~.config/autostart/)
  • If you do not want a given module to run (e.g. the GMAIL module), edit the conky.sh file and comment or remove the line that loads the respective configuration file. 


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