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[Quick Update] SuperTuxKart 0.7.3 Final Released

SuperTuxKart 0.7.3 final has been released after being in development for 4 months. This release features numerous new features and improvements and a surprise new 'Minigolf' track that was included at the last moment.

New Features in this Release
  • New Minigolf track
  • New Zen Garden track
  • New Subsea track
  • New Island battle arena
  • New Suzanne kart
  • New graphical effects
  • New weapons 'Swatter' and 'Rubber Ball'
  • Added Thunderbird as race referee
  • 3 Strikes Battles now displays lives as spare tires
  • Improved bubble gum
  • See progression during Grand Prix
  • Improve physics for tall karts (e.g. Adiumy)
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Improved kart control at high speeds
  • Better placement of rescued karts
  • Transition track-making to blender 2.5/2.6

The packages are yet to be uploaded to PPA. We will keep you posted. 

However, you can download Linux binaries from here and start playing it right now, no need to wait.


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