Sunday, January 8

Red Eclipse 1.2 'Cosmic Edition' Released with Many New Features

Free and open source first person shooter Red Eclipse has been updated to version 1.2. Codenamed 'Cosmic Edition', this release brings many new features based on community feedback received by the devs and poll results.

Changes in this Release
  • New sounds for pistol, SMG, grenade, sword, player death, hit/bleed, etc.
  • HUD revamp
  • New "buff" system for flag/goal defenders: increases regeneration, damage and shielding
  • Female variation of player model
  • New 'radarstyle' option displaying absolute positions
  • New Maps: Ares, Cargo, Colony, Isolation, Purge
  • New map editing menu
  • Full changelog here

Download Red Eclipse Cosmic Edition


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