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In a Community Survey, Unity Voted as the 'Most Hated Desktop Environment'

In a community survey conducted by Redditor TyIzaeL, Unity came out as the most hated desktop environment.

TyIzaeL conducted a nice survey on Linux Subreddit and recorded responses from 4932 participants from Feb18th to Feb 21st on a Google Docs spreadsheet.

Full results can be found here. I will briefly represent the responses below in graphs. All credits go to TyIzaeL.

What Linux distro do you primarily use on your non-server computers?

What other Linux distros do you use on your non-server computers?

What Linux distro do you primarily use on your server computers?

What Linux distros do you like to "keep an eye on"?

Favorite desktop environment/window manager?

Most hated desktop environment/window manager?

Though Unity is still not loved by many, Ubuntu is the most preferred non-server distribution and people like to keep a watch on it. Detailed analysis, methodology and responses can be found here.

Is Unity that bad? What do you think? Should the survey conducted again after 12.04 LTS release?


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