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Delver, New First Person Dungeon Crawler Inspired by Ultima Underworld

Delver is a new first person and dungeon crawler inspired by Ultima Underworld. It features Minecraft style art and includes rougelike features like permadeath and randomly generated levels.

The game is currently in development and an alpha build is available. I have tried the game and it feels really good for an alpha. Check out gameplay video:

Current Features
  • Rendering engine running on PC / Mac / Linux / Android
  • Physics system
  • Melee combat
  • Rough NPC pathfinding
  • Switching between levels
  • Level loading from static files
  • Saving / loading / permadeath
Upcoming Features
  • Inventory System
  • Ranged combat (bows and magic)
  • Randomly generated dungeon floors (dungeon, cave, maze)
  • Overworld
You can download latest alpha build from here. To play the game, run the command below (make sure you have java installed):

java -jar delver-alpha-3-24-12.jar

Some of the features shown in above video are not available in this build. However, a new version will be released soon.


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