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New Gnome 3 Application Mockups

In part 2 of Gnome 3 design update, Allan Day has shown some new mockups and ideas for applications.


Clocks is planned to be a new core app, which will provide handy tools for viewing the time in different parts of the world, alarms, setting timers and a stopwatch.


A nice simple app to view, create, and edit notes. Notes will be tightly integrated into Gnome 3 UI.

To Do

New To Do app will be optional and not a core part of Gnome 3 stack. However, it will be designed as per Gnome 3 guidelines.

Content Selection

Gnome 3 will bring the benefits of the new content applications (e.g. Documents) to selection operations. Choosing an item to attach to an email will work in exactly the same way as it does in one of the new content apps. This will closely tie the content applications in with the rest of the system.

Application Menus

In Gnome 3.4, new application menus were enabled for some applications and these menus will be now implemented for more Gnome application to improve consistency.

Some of these changes may land in Gnome 3.6 or later. If you have missed part one of design update, check it from here.


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