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New Native Client Games: 'Go Home Dinosaurs' and 'Muffin Knight'

Go Home Dinosaurs is a new Native Client game released in Chrome Web Store. Dinosaurs are after your tasty BBQ. T-Rex wants steak. Are you gonna let him take it?

Prevent hordes of marauding dinos from crashing your party in this BBQ defense simulator. Lead your gopher army into BBQ-protecting-battle, build your battlefield using puzzle piece shaped weapons. Unlock and discover new weapons as you continue to keep those dinos at bay.

Muffin Knight is the story of a little boy, on his journey to return the old fairy’s magical muffins. A strange curse was set on him: with each muffin he touches, he turns into a different creature. The old fairy promises to turn him back into a boy when he gets all the muffins back. 

Installation Instructions
  • Make sure you have latest Google Chrome.
  • Check that Native Client is enabled in chrome://flags
  • Type chrome://gpu in address bar. If you see WebGL or Compositing options in red color under Graphics Feature Status, follow the step below.
  • Type chrome://flags in address bar and enable Override software rendering list (browser restart required)
  • Download the game from links above. Launch them from new tab page.


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