Monday, June 18

'Unity Revamped' Adds Missing Functionality to Ubuntu 12.04

Isaac Joseph has created a customized build of Unity that adds missing features to Unity Shell.

This build can be easily installed from PPA and it packs following features.
  • Dodge windows functionality added back for the Unity launcher. This features was removed from Ubuntu 12.04. You can select this option from CCSM (logout to take effect).
  • Minimize on click behavior added to the launcher. If there's one window opened, the application will minimize/unminimize. If there are multiple windows opened, the spread behavior will occur.
Install Unity Revamped by running following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ikarosdev/unity-revamped
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

If you want to revert back to default Unity packages, run the following commands:

sudo apt-get install ppa-purge
sudo ppa-purge ppa:ikarosdev/unity-revamped


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