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Ubuntu Minecraft Installer Script Updated

Ubuntu Minecraft Installer Script has been updated to version 1.4. This script is an updated version  of original Minecraft installer script by Alloc which is now unmaintained.

Developed by Enkouyami, this updated script brings many new features and fixes.
  • Unity right click option to run minecraft in terminal
  • Installs icons
  • Updates the Lightweight Java Game Library
  • Checks for the existence of files before creating new ones
  • Install the Minecraft regular or server client
  • Checks to see which Java is installed on your system
  • Installs Oracle-Java or OpenJDK
  • Set Oralce, Sun, and OpenJDK as default Java
  • Downloads Minecraft for you
  • Installs it to a new ".minecraft" or "Minecraft_Server" folder in your home directory
  • Writes a shell script to the /usr/local/games folder and add it to PATH
  • Creates a shortcut on your desktop that you can use to run Minecraft
  • Create a launchers in your Applications menu
  • Lets you run Minecraft from terminal with a simple "minecraft" command
Download Minecraft Installer Script for Ubuntu

After downloading, run the script with executable permissions.


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