Friday, August 24

DWM Adds Tiled Window Management to Vim

Dwm.vim is a new plugin for Vim that adds tiled window management to the popular text editor. It is highly inspired by DWM (dynamic window manager for X).

Using DWM, you can organize windows in the following layout:

|              |       S1         |
|              |==========
|      M     |       S2         |
|              |==========
|              |       S3         |

You can use the following commands to manage windows:
  • C-N - Creates a new window and place it in the area [M] & stacks all previous windows in the [S] areas.
  • C-C - Close the current window if no unsaved changes
  • C-J - Jumps to next window (clockwise)
  • C-K - Jumps to previous window (anti-clockwise)
  • C-H - Focus the current window, that is, place it in the [M] area & stacks all other windows in the [S] areas
  • C-L - Fullscreen mode for the current window (use focus to return to normal mode)

To install, just copy copy dwm.vim file to $HOME/.vim/plugin directory.


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