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'Running with Rifles' Top Down Shooter Coming to Linux

Running with Rifles is a top-down sandbox shooter that emphasizes on cooperation, squad leading and team work.

The events take place on an open world battlefield divided between two factions, each trying to capture bases from the opposite side until the enemy has been wiped out from the area. The player takes the role of a private and fights along his/her comrades controlled by AI, slowly gaining influence over fellow soldiers through rank promotions from success in battles.

Game features:
  • 24/7 servers in Europe and USA supporting 30+ players for multiplayer gameplay
  • 4x 1 km^2 maps with total of 35 bases
  • 1x PvP (no AI) map with 7 bases
  • Hundreds of simultaneous AI soldiers
  • Open world: it’s up to you how you play, the war goes on without you
  • Use cover, crouch and prone, move with others to increase your odds to stay alive
  • Emergent AI that tries hard: they too use cover and rooftops, attempt outflanking
  • Gain experience to get promotions to lead your own squad, unlock abilities
  • A variety of modern weapons
  • Vehicles: jeeps, mobile spawn point trucks and APC’s
Check out a gameplay video:

A Linux demo (online gameplay disabled) for the game has been released recently. Full version of the game will be available for purchase on Desura in a day or two.

Download Running with Rifles Linux Demo

You may need to install following dependencies for the game to work: libopenal1, libwxgtk2.8-0, curl, nvidia-cg-toolkit


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