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WebCatalog - Open Source App Store For Native Web Apps

WebCatalog is an open source and cross platform desktop app store that allows users to install and run web apps natively.

With native apps they mean:

These apps will stay on your Dock or Taskbar, notify you when you receive a new message or a call and more.
Using Chromium as backend, apps installed from WebCatalog integrates nicely with Unity as they support global menu as well as the HUD menu which you can access by tapping alt key. You also get a centralised web app store allowing you to easily add and remove new apps.

Similar to the app stores on your smartphones and tablets, you can just open WebCatalog, install an app you like and start using it immediately.

For each app installed in the app store, you also get a native .desktop launcher integrating nicely in the Unity dash.

WebCatalog developers claim it to be superior than competition.

A few things to note that currently you can only install apps available in the app catalog. You cannot convert any webpage into native web app. However you can build and release your own app using node.js and yarn. Though I couldn't find any proper documentation for that.

Stable as well as pre-release builds can be downloaded from here. Source code is available on GitHub.


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