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Friday, February 8

CoD of Duty, A Funny Take on Popular Game Series

CoD of Duty is a first person shooter by Ryan Evans where all of your enemies are fish.


Saturday, January 12

'Not Pacman' Released for Linux

Not Pacman is a new free and open source game that redefines the classic Pacman game by adding physics and gravity.


Sunday, December 30

Indie Game 'Knytt Underground' Now Available for Linux

A Linux demo (beta) for indie game Knytt Underground is now available. The game is sequel to the massively popular Knytt and Knytt Stories game series developed by Nifflas' Games.


Thursday, December 6

Top Down Action Shooter 'Teleglitch' Now Available for Linux

Teleglitch is a roguelike, top-down shooter with pixel graphics. The game takes place in procedurally generated military research & training complex.


Friday, June 22

Indie Puzzle Game 'Plith' Released for Linux

Plith is a new indie puzzle game that puts gamers in a spatial setting, where they have to manage several puzzle elements (mostly gears) and must make quick decisions which can simplify or complicate their path to victory.


Saturday, June 2

Humble Team and Game Developers Share Their Linux Experience

Humble Indie Bundle 5 has been launched and it has smashed all records of past bundles by raising more than $2 Million in 24 hours. As always, average price paid by Linux users is higher than Windows and Mac users.


Thursday, May 31

Snapshot for Linux is Still Coming

More than a year back, Linux support for much awaited game Snapshot was confirmed by indie game studio Retro Effect, but nothing has been heard about it since then.


Thursday, February 23

Indie Royale, New Game Bundle for Linux

Indie Royal is another great game bundle that has been getting lots of love from the community. Every two weeks, a new game bundle is served.


Did You Miss 'Humble Bundle Mojam'? Download 'Catacomb Snatch' Game for Free [Created by Mojang]

Humble Bundle team, together with Mojang (creators of Minecraft) started a new initiative Humble Bundle Mojam where Mojang developers livestreamed making of a game in 60 hours last weekend.


Buy 3 Awesome Linux Games for $1 Each

You can buy 3 awesome Indie Linux Games from a newly launched gaming portal Indievania.


Monday, February 20

Dwarf Fortress Receives a Major Update

Dwarf Fortress has just got a massive update recently after being in development for 11 months bringing even more depth and polish to alternate world simulator game.


Tuesday, December 20

Indie Arcade Game 'Rotion' Coming Soon to Linux

Rotion is an addictive arcade game where the aim is to clear shapes by getting to the middle and popping them. The game features campaign , multiplayer splitscreen and survival modes.


Saturday, November 26

Thursday, November 24

Linux Games Participating in Independent Games Festival, 2012 [Part 1]

The Independent Games Festival (IGF), an annual festival at the Game Developers Conference is the largest annual gathering of the indie video game industry. It was founded in 1998 to assist and inspire innovation in video game development and to recognize the best independent video game developers.


Friday, October 7

First Alpha Build for Indie Action Shooter 'Voxatron' Coming Soon

A new alpha build for indie action/adventure game Voxatron will be available soon on Linux and those who pre-order the game will be able to get their hands on it.


Tuesday, September 20

'Tiny & Big in : Up That Mountain' - Innovative Physics Based Game with a Unique Visual Style

Tiny & Big in : Up that Mountain is an innovative Physics based game for Linux with a very artistic visual style. The game features hand drawn textures and highly appealing comics-like cel-shaded graphics.


Saturday, September 17

Desura Launches New Alpha Funding Project with 3 Linux Game Titles

Desura has launched a new Alpha Funding initiative very similar to other crowdfunding projects like Kickstarter and 8 bit Funding. 5 Indie games have been selected as launch titles and out of which 3 will have Linux versions in future.


Thursday, September 8

Much Awaited Linux Game 'Blocks That Matter' Released

Indie Puzzle platformer, Block That Matter has been finally released for Linux. Most of our readers should be already aware about this game as we have written about it plenty of times.


Sunday, August 21

Indie Game 'No Time To Explain' Released for Linux

Indie adventure and platform game 'No Time to Explain' has been released for Linux. The game looks incredibly good in its launch trailer.


Wednesday, August 10

Atom Zombie Smasher is Now Available in Ubuntu Software Center

Indie strategy game Atom Zombie Smasher developed by Blendo Games is now available in Ubuntu Software Center. The game had received critical acclaim and was a part of recently concluded Humble Indie Bundle 3. The game was also selected into PAX 10 Indie games list.

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