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Hacker Evolution Duality : New Hacking Simulation Game Coming to Linux

Hacker Evolution Duality, new hacking simulation and strategy game developed by Exosyphen studios will be available for Linux and you can pre-order the game now for $19.95.

About the Game

The game features a world populated by other hackers (AI). You will be able to play against them, or join them. Your choices of playing the game, will be virtually unlimited. Each hacker will be controlled by a neural network based Artificial Intelligence.

I tested Alpha build on my system and it is running quite nice though it seems not all game features are included in this build. 

Every level in the game have certain objectives to complete within a pre-defined time limit. To complete the objectives, you will have to go through various servers and hack them using various tools like EMP and DOS attacks. However, each server have different strengths determined by firewall power, CPU power and integrity. 

Most of the time, you will not be able to hack a server in just one EMP or DOS attack. So you will have to attempt multiple attacks on the server to the point that it gets really weak, ready to be hacked. But each decision you make costs you time and you cannot use two successive EMP or DOS attacks as there is a certain recharge time before you can use them again. 

Also, you cannot just attack a server and go. The server will retaliate as soon as you start a hacking attempt and a timer will start. Once the timer goes off, it will start tracing you and you may have to quickly move away from the server, even if your hacking attempt is not finished. Say if a level have ten servers and in attempt to hack them all you get fully traced before completing your objectives, the level fails. Though the only level in this build is easy and there is really low chance that you will get traced.

So, everything is about choices you make. Though the game looks straight forward, its actually quite addictive. The game animations, music and sound effects are really good. Wish I could test more features, levels and game modes in higher difficulty settings.

Gameplay Video

Installation Instructions
  • Grab the Alpha build from here
  • Extract the archive, install the dependency libglut3
  • Run 32bit or 64bit executable from the game folder


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