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[Android] PAGF # 36

"Paid Apps Gone Free" (PAGF), is a new section on Ubuntu Vibes where we will post a list of paid Android apps that have gone free for a limited time. To know more about PAGFs, read our first post. Check out today's list.

* These apps were free when this list was posted. They may or may not be free when you actually access them at a later time as the promotions are only for a limited time.

* I am taking a short break. Next list will arrive on May 13. Apologies for inconvenience.

WiFi Tool
WiFi Tool turns your device into a powerfull WiFi-Analyzer.
5 100-500 May 7, 2017 No No

Pocket Yoga
Your personal yoga instructor, everywhere you go.
Health & Fitness
4.4 50000-100000 December 21, 2015 No Yes

Student Agenda Pro
App designed to assist students in organizing their activities
4.6 10000-50000 February 18, 2017 No No

Starship Console Weather
Starship Console Weather app and Widget
3 50-100 May 16, 2015 No No

Video Timestamp
Record video proofs with date, time and location watermark.
4 100-500 April 27, 2017 No No

Flix - Icon Pack
The perfect circular icon pack based on Pixel icons. This is what you want!
4.8 0-0 May 7, 2017 No No

15 Minute Workout
An easy to use way to lose weight, gain muscle, or just get into better shape!
Health & Fitness
4 10000-50000 January 30, 2017 No No

Griddy Icon Pack
This is what you were looking for.
4.5 10000-50000 March 25, 2017 No Yes

GSam Theme - Material colors
An icon pack for GSam Battery Monitor (all editions)
4.4 1000-5000 August 20, 2014 No No

Noise FM - Unlocker
Unlocks features of main application
Music & Audio
4.5 1000-5000 October 1, 2016 No No

Brumpfus Hopeless Chase
Everyone becomes crazy and chase you endlessly. Rocks run around and kill people
4 1000-5000 April 21, 2017 No No

Zed Zooper
Zooper for simple and minimal setups.
4.5 500-1000 April 16, 2017 No Yes

Unicorn Dark - Icon Pack
For the Ladies! But you dudes who like pink can use it too!
4.8 1000-5000 May 6, 2017 Yes Yes

Earth HD Deluxe Edition
Earth HD in 3D. Simply the best Earth live wallpaper.
4.4 100000-500000 November 21, 2016 No No

Hack RUN
Hack your way into the heart of a mysterious organization to find their secrets.
4.3 5000-10000 July 22, 2014 No No

Star Wars™ Pinball 5
Use the power of the Force to guide the silver ball in Star Wars Pinball!
3.9 500000-1000000 February 2, 2017 No Yes

Planetscape 3D Live Wallpaper
Huge 3d space scenario will bring stunning 3d effect to your phone screen!
4.5 1000-5000 June 12, 2014 No No

My Log Home 3D Live wallpaper
3D interactive live wallpaper of Log home
4.6 10000-50000 November 11, 2013 No No

Block Tank Wars 2 Premium
Premium version of tanks game
4.3 10000-50000 February 25, 2017 No No

My Log Home 3D Live wallpaper
3D interactive live wallpaper of Log home
4.6 10000-50000 November 11, 2013 No No

Call Recorder Pro
Automatic Call RecorderNo ads version
3.5 50000-100000 April 23, 2017 No No

Blue Light Filter Pro
Blue Light Filter App.Best app for blue light reduction.
Health & Fitness
4.5 50000-100000 May 8, 2017 No No

MIUI 8 - Icon Pack
MIUI 8 - Icon Pack inspired by official MIUI 8
4.6 10000-50000 April 10, 2017 No No

Gold Plated Theme for Xperia
The Definitive Gold Theme for Sony Xperia devices.Nougat ready.
4.6 1000-5000 April 28, 2017 No No

3D Stonehenge Pro lwp
Amazing 3D live wallpaper with stunning Stonehenge ruins!
4.8 1000-5000 October 24, 2013 No No

Power Button Torch
A flashlight application that can be toggled using the power button.
4 1000-5000 February 23, 2017 No No

Memies - Icon Pack
Memies is colorful material icon pack, give a good color to your device screens!
4.5 10000-50000 June 29, 2016 No Yes

Emperial Icon Pack
Make your phone rule with Emperial
4.9 1000-5000 April 27, 2017 No Yes

Voice Recorder Pro (License)
Voice recorder with beautiful design.
4.1 10000-50000 April 24, 2017 No No

Matericons Icon Pack
Matericons is all what you need to make your phone looks gorgeous!
4.3 10000-50000 December 20, 2015 No Yes


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