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[Progress Update] Beta Testing has Ended, New Build is Being Rolled Out in the Play Store


A huge thanks to everyone who tested the beta build and sent us their valuable feedback.

We have stopped the beta testing track and currently the new build is being rolled out to everyone in the play store in a phased manner. This production build has addition fixes and improvements over beta build, so beta testers are advised to get the new production build whenever they get this new update (should be fully rolled out in 2-3 days).

The future builds of the app will be ad-supported. Currently, the app maintenance has become a costly affair for us and in its current form, we are incurring losses. We may add advertisements in upcoming builds to compensate for this. We will keep ads as minimal and unobtrusive as possible to not to ruin the app. We need your cooperation in this regard as we cannot go on forever incurring losses and without any revenue model, the app may face a permanent shutdown in future.

Thanks for understanding. If you have any queries or bug reports, contact us through email address mentioned in the play store listing.

Possible Fixes for the Beta Channel Installation Issue

If you are not getting the new beta update, try these options.

Option # 1

Go to play store link, scroll down and click on "Join" beta button. It may take a few minutes to process your join request. Once joined, you should get the new build as an update or you can do a fresh installation from play store.

Option # 2

Open this link in a web browser and join the beta program with your play store account. Wait for a few minutes to get the update or do a fresh installation.

Thanks to all those who sent tips for these fixes.

[Progress Update] Beta Testing Build Updated

Hello everyone,

A special thanks to everyone who sent us feedback about the new beta build.

Unfortunately there seems to be some issue with beta channel release as some users have reported that they are getting an older release even after joining the beta testing option. In contrast to this, many other users have reported that they can see the new beta build just fine.

After getting these reports, view re-reviewed the release process from our side and didn't find any issue with the roll-out process. This has completely stumped us as we are not sure what is going on. This could very well be an issue from Play Store side where beta users are being served an older build even when it is superseded.

To overcome this, we are pushing a new update to the beta testing build. Hopefully it should resolve the current issue with roll-out process.


[Progress Update] Need Help in Testing Early Build of the New App

Hello everyone,

A new version of the app has been uploaded to the beta channel on the Play Store. You can help us improve the app by testing the app and providing your valuable feedback.

Edit: Please open the link below in Play Store and scroll down to join the beta channel. You need to click on "join beta" button before you can install the new beta build. Once you have joined the beta channel, you will receive it as an update or you can do a fresh installation.

Some screenshots:


[Progress Update] New App is Coming


The PAGF app is facing some technical issues in its current form. These issues are difficult to resolve with the technology we have been using till now. To fix these problems, we are completely rewriting both back-end and front-end (app) parts. An early beta version will be pushed to the play store in next few days.

Here is a screenshot of the progress made so far.

We kindly request you to stay with us, we are working hard to push a new build as soon as possible.


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