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New Unity Version 0.2.28 Released

The netbook interface Unity for Ubuntu 10.10 got a new update. The new version brings lots of new features to the Unity interface.
  • A new home screen when user clicks on Ubuntu logo on top left corner. The home screen features a set of activities to quickly go to various applications and files or folders. Unfortunately I am not able to provide screen shots as my graphic card is having some problem with clutter and Unity crashes every time I start it.
  • Window decorations will lie on panel if an application is maximized. As soon as as the windows are restored, the decorations will also also be restored to the application windows.
  • The window buttons will use the new ambiance beta theme, if it is installed.
  • Improved workspace switcher that allows you to move windows between different workspaces.
  • A removable media applet on the Unity Launcher has been introduced that makes it easy to launch removable media. 


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