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Ubuntu?? You've Got To Be Kiddin' Me !!

As a personal initiative, I convinced my classmates and installed Ubuntu Lucid Lynx on 15 systems as a dual boot option with windows 7. We are studying business administration and we have to write lots of projects on our computers when we are not playing games, watching movies, listening to music, sharing stuff or chatting with friends on it.

One week down the lane, only 3 are actually using Ubuntu, rest just gave up. This is what they said:

  1. Why it asks for passwords again and again?
  2. How I am going to write my project? In Open Office?
  3. I had to reformat entire project in Open office.
  4. Man, the battery backup sucks really bad.
  5. It won't play my videos.
  6. Rhythmbox won't play music on my window's partition.
  7. Where are the games??
  8. Damn, my screen flickers.
  9. Wifi not working.
  10. Won't detect USB drives.
  11. Window buttons on left?
  12. Arrgh, network transfers are really slow (Really important for business students)
  13. Use command prompt? (this is what they said, not terminal)
  14. How do I hide my files.
I know many people will find these problems really silly and would probably say that every OS needs some kind of customization or tweaking after fresh install or Ubuntu is not ready yet or these things are child's play. Or is it so??

Most of these problems can be solved in minutes and I did help them. But they felt that if these things didn't work out of the box and some tweaking has to be done, will everything be fine in future if they stick to Ubuntu. Nah !

Aren't these things meant to be work out of the box on every install, on every system?? There may be and there are valid reasons for some of them, but they are no excuses right? Will an average end user will understand these reasons??


 Other reasons:
  1. It takes time getting used to it.
  2. Umm, no one seems to be using Linux.
  3. I don't want anything wrong during my presentation.
  4. It's cool, but Windows Rules.
To convince them to install Ubuntu I gave them a nice tour of the Ubuntu Website, Explained its features, shown a screen-cast and told them how safe it is with near immunity to virus attacks.


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