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Mockup : Ubuntu Detecting User Proximity to the Computer

Christian Giordano on Canonical Design Blog presented a really interesting mockup where Ubuntu detects a user's presence and acts accordingly.

Few Scenarios in the Mockup:
  • Videos goes full screen when users move away from the screen
  • Full screen notifications when user is not present in front of the screen
Excerpt from the Blog:

During a small exploration we did internally few months ago, we thought about how Ubuntu could behave if it was more aware of its physical context. Not only detecting the tilt of the device (like iPhone apps) but also analysing the user’s presence.

Check out the Video:

Parallax and fullscreen interaction via webcam from Canonical Design on Vimeo.

A face recognition library Computer-Vision was used to make the video. So would this be useful? What are your thoughts?
                                                                                            source: Canonical Design Blog


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