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Unity Gets an 'Open This Folder in Nautilus' Button, Access Hidden Files with Ease

Unity is shaping up really nice and becoming more and more user friendly. But one of the main problem I faced while using unity was accessing some files that didn't show up in Unity Dash File Browser. There was no simple way to access hidden files or files that have not been used recently.

In an update today Unity got a new feature: 'Open This Folder' Button

'Open this folder' button places a small folder icon on top right corner of the file browser in Unity. Clicking it opens Nautilus as file browser.

Great, so now we can access hidden files, nautilus scripts and what not and I tested it with Nautilus Elementary. 

Also a new file browser applet (home icon here) was added to the Unity Launcher. But it seems that it will be removed in the next Unity update as 'Open This Folder' is sufficient.

If you want to know why this was added then you can go to the bug report here with a very interesting discussion, particularly a comment where someone used Trash Applet in Unity to access Nautilus :)

Though this is great, few questions come to my mind:

Isn't it a little confusing for average end user having two file browsers?
Small icon in top right corner?? Is this visible enough?


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