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Banshee and LibreOffice Considered to be Default Applications for Ubuntu 11.04

Banshee is considered to be a potential replacement for Rhythmbox for Ubuntu 11.04 provided that it can overcome the disk space requirements and is able to fit into 1 CD Ubuntu.

Other Considerations for default Applications:
  • Shotwell, Evolution, Totem will remain as default applications
  • Thunderbird was considered to be a potential alternative to evolution as default mail client but dropped from this cycle because of issues regarding calendar, contact, integration with appmenu and messaging menu
  • Firefox 4 instead of Chromium as default web browser as Chromium needs better integration with    desktop and some security issues. 
  • Oneconf integration
  • Gnome Dictionary has been dropped.
  • LibreOffice if it is ready for Ubuntu 11.04
[via ubuntuforums, Ubuntu Facebook page post and gobby notes by @bognarandras]


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