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Burster - An Open Source Web Browser Plugin for Playing Games, Powered by Blender Project

Burster is an initiative by iTechnologie and Blender Project to bring 3D gaming to the web browser. Burster web browser 3D plugin uses the Blender Game Engine to integrate the fascinating world of 3D into a web page.

The plugin is free, lightweight and powerful and uses blender player. Excerpts from the official website:

Who is Burster For?

The Burster plugin is escpecially dedicated to Blender users, who creates interactive 3D demonstrations of various processes or products. However, it can be used by web developers or companies creating interactive web content.

All that you need to start with Burster is the Blender 3D editor and a web page. New users will be prompted by the web browser to download the Burster plugin, then immerse themselves in amazing interactive 2D / 3D content.

Acceptance in Business Community

The Burster plugin resolves two major problems that was keeping the Blender from being accepted in business environments. Firstly, Burster allows you to put your Blender Game Engine file at your website. You do not have to record the (very big) movie, upload into the Youtube to show someone what great thing you have done.

Secondly, you do not need to worry that someone will use your work without your knowledge. The blender source files could be now encrypted using very strong cryptographic algorithm. This allows you to sell your interactive 3D content without worrying about protecting the property.

Which graphics cards are supported?

At the moment we know that almost all NVidia and ATI (AMD) Radeon cards are supported. In generally if Your card support OpenGL - you can use it with Burster plugin.

Official Promo Video

Check out a demo of one of the Games being played in a browser using Burster

The game is made by Toby Lieven and you can try the game by visiting the following link: .

You will need to download the Burster plugin which is available for Windows and Linux platforms and supports Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer.

Unfortunately, the Linux plugin has been pulled down at the moment because of some reasons but it will up soon. In the meantime, you can do a manual installation for Linux. Complete instructions here

Windows users can download the plugin from here

Before you try any game, please read the security notice below.

Important Security Note:

The plugin is very new and you should disable it when visiting sites that you don't trust to ensure protection against security exploits until a security update for the plugin is provided.

Get Involved

The project is quite new and it is an excellent opportunity for people to get involved. You can read more about how to get involved from here


Considering the power of the Blender game editor, can Burster compete with Flash as an open source alternative for playing games in web browsers?

More Links:

Official Website
Playable Game Examples
[Many  Thanks to Toby Lieven - tleave2000 @ Ubuntu Forums]


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