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Low on FPS? Install Optimized Build of Urban Terror Launcher

Urban Terror (UrT) is one of the most popular games for Linux platform with hundreds of players playing it everyday. Many players use their own configuration files and scripts to configure game as per their needs and boost FPS (frames per second).

FPS is quite important for online games as it ensures a fast and smooth gameplay and it depends on how good is your system (CPU and Graphic Card) and network connection. With some tweaks to the in-game settings of Urban Terror, FPS can be improved if you are already low on it. 

However, there is an optimized version of Urban Terror launcher that replaces  the executable of urban terror with a latest version of ioq3 engine, optimized and enriched with several new features and fixes.

Features of the Optimized Executable
  • Better FPS with Bumpy renderer that makes use of VBOs (Vertex Buffer Objects) and GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language) , Bump mapping, Bloom, Depth of Field Blur, Fog, Fancy Water, Improved Decal Code, and more.
  • Not all Graphic cards can handle bumpy rendering, so this will work with only those cards that support it
  • Improved gameplay experience with better and clear background sound effects
  • Funstuff, Radio Audio and part of other audio are pre-Loaded to avoid potential freezes of FPS
  • Use of Mumble Positional Audio (Guide here)
  • Reduced CPU Usage
  • VoIP Support, motion blur, better zoom sensitivity and many more features (Full list here)
Some Side Effects

Though the optimized executable increases your FPS, there are some effects to it also.
  • With bumpy renderer the game takes longer time to load (But better overall FPS)
  • In rare map spots, graphics may not render properly
  • You can install Vanilla Renderer (instructions below) if you get too much problems
Installation Instructions on Linux
  • If you haven't already got, download Urban Terror 4.1 from here
  • Download Optimized ioq3 executable - 32 bit, 64 bit
  • In the extracted archive you will find a folder q3ut4. Copy its contents to q3ut4 folder in your Urban Terror directory
  • Now copy the new executable ioq3-urt to your game directory and click on it to start playing
  • If your graphics are not rendered properly, then you can use vanilla renderer (non bumpy and more recent version of ioq3 engine than the default executable in the game folder) - 32bit, 64 bit
  • To un-install just remove the contents that you copied
To know more about the bumpy renderer, visit official project page.


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