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Greedy Car Thieves - New Linux Game Inspired by Grand Theft Auto Series

Greedy Car Thieves is a new Linux game in development inspired by one of the most popular game series - Grand Theft Auto. The game is free as of now and developers have released a beta version for users to test.

The game is played from top down perspective that brings old school nostalgia along with fast paced action. As of now only multi-player mode is available but a single player mode will be available soon. In multiplayer mode, you can face real players in various game types, shootouts, car thefts, pursuits around the cities etc.

There are no details available about the game license yet. In fact it is yet to be decided by developers although they may come with a free version and a paid one for negligible price.

The game have an impressive set of features:
  • Single-player story mode (coming soon) where you play as both a lawman and a thug
  • Multi-player mode with various game types: free for all, 1v1, team deathmatch, capture the flag, hunting, bombmatch, race
  • A lot of cars, weapons, power-ups and destructible objects that successfully diversify the gameplay
  • Fire to enemies while seating in a car as a passenger
  • Precise aiming mode makes it no problem to accurately fire to enemies even from a roof 
  • Delightful visual effects including ambient occlusion, dynamic per-pixel normal-mapped lighting, real-time dynamic shadows (cars headlights and sunlight with varying day-night cycle), water reflections, blooming and anti aliasing
  • Fast and reliable networking, based on UDP/IP protocol, minimizes game lags and provides continuous multi-player gameplay
  • Map editor that lets players to easily create new cities with a lot of predefined objects and tiles
  • Runs on Window XP/Vista/7, Linux, Mac OS

I tried the game and must say that this looks really impressive and great work has been done by the developers. The sound effects, ambiance and feel of the game is really good. If you want to keep track of a nice Linux game for your system, this would be the one.

Download and Installation instructions
  1. Grab the Linux version from here and extract the archive
  2. Install the required dependencies: Nvidia-Cg-Tookit, WnWidgets GTK 2.8, SDL_image
  3. For Ubuntu, run following command to install dependencies: sudo apt-get install nvidia-cg-toolkit libwxgtk2.8-dev libsdl-image1.2
  4. Run the file gct-game from the game folder


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