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Spiral Knights, New Game From the Makers of Puzzle Pirates Coming to Linux this April

Three Rings Design, known for developing innovative online games like Puzzle Pirates, is coming up with a new multi-player online RPG, Spiral Knights on April 4th.

Spiral Knights is available now as closed preview to limited users. The game needs Java to run and can be played in browser as well as on a desktop client.

Game Features (Screenshot from Official Website)

Before I go further, check out the trailer:

The game can more suitably fall into Action-RPG category as the game involves hack 'n' slash mechanics and feels very much like popular Legend of Zelda series. The graphics are quite nice and remind me of Torchlight in some way. I had access to some beta keys, courtesy Rock, Paper, Shotgun. You can try out if the beta keys still work or not from here

If you do get access to beta keys, you can play the game in browser as Java applet from here.

If you want to download the client for your system, follow the instructions below:

Spiral Knight's Technical Support page lays down minimum system requirements for Linux but I couldn't find installation instructions for Linux. So, I have written a small tutorial here to get it running on your system.

Get the latest Java version from Software Center in Partner Repositories. Update: Java is now available in Ubuntu 11.04 partner repositories. So you can skip the PPA instructions below and install Java from Software Center.

If you are using Ubuntu 11.04, install Java by running follwing commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ferramroberto/java
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-bin

Thanks to Ferramosca Roberto for the PPA

Now, you will have access to a download link once you register your account on website after getting the beta key as shown in the screenshot:

Download the file spiral-install.bin and run the following command:

sudo sh (path to spiral-install.bin)

Accept the license agreement. In the next part, you will be asked to enter your correct Java version and path to java files. First go to Software Center and note your correct Java version. Now enter the following command:


Replace the version number i.e. with your correct Java version you saw in Software Center.

Now enter the path where you would like the game to be installed and hit Enter. Once installed, run the following command:

sudo sh (path to the file Spiral in your game installation folder)

Update your game client. Once finished, run above command once again to start playing.

Sreenshots - Running Spiral Knights in Ubuntu 11.04 


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