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New Version Released For Linux Notes Taking Application 'MyNotex'

A new version for free note taking Application, MyNotex has been released that brings support for importing notes from Tomboy and Gnote. Many other features have been added.
  • Support for proper conversion and importing of notes from Tomboy and Gnote 
  • New Bookmarks feature. Pressing Ctrl + Shift + a number from 1 to 9, sets a bookmark in the current subject and note. Same key combination can be used to directly go to the bookmarked line
  • Now more than one heading can be added in a single note for multiple paragraphs
  • All tags for a file can be renamed or removed in just one click
  • Easily insert the current date and time in a new line with the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+D
  • Link to a file, web links and mail addresses can be easily inserted by using prefixes like "file://", "http://", "www." or "mailto:" 
About MyNotex

MyNotex is a free note taking application written in Lazarus with a unique hierarchy system where under a broad Subject heading, notes can be maintained and further categorized by title, date, and tags.

MyNotex has an impressive list of features as it supports adding attachments, importing notes from other file formats, exporting to file formats supported by OpenOffice and LibreOffice, html etc., data synchronization and encryption.

MyNotex uses Sqlite as main project database and not XML. Also notes are not presented in tree like structure but in a Grid like format, which according to developers makes it more powerful, efficient and fast.

Main Features Summarized
  • Easy to make encrypted reports for confidential meetings
  • Easy to maintain a date wise diary/journal
  • Useful in managing an encrypted list of passwords
  • Share notes and documents with others
  • Support for adding attachments (all file types)
  • Easily search subjects, notes (also in the text), attachments names and tags
  • Search for more than one tag at a time (in OR condition)
  • A list of all tags is maintained so that that users can quickly add them
  • Notes with attachments in one Subject can be moved to another Subject
A video showing MyNotex in Action

Lastly, MyNotex supports online synchronization as contents of a project folder on one system can be synchronized with another project folder on another system using simple sharing over LAN etc. or using  other services like Dropbox and Ubuntu One.

Download Latest MyNotex Version (Source, Precompiled Binaries and Debian Packages)

Many thanks to Massimo Nardello for the information.


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