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Pitivi and Computer Janitor to be Removed, New Features Planned for Software Center in Oneiric

There had been some really nice discussions on the last day of Ubuntu Developer Summit and some new changes are being introduced in Ubuntu 11.10.

But Google's Blogger service had an outage for about 30 hours that not only deleted few past articles but also blocked me from posting any new content. Finally couple of hours back, the service has been restored. 

So, here are the main updates during the UDS session today.

Applications to be Removed
  • Pitivi video editor will be removed and no video editor will be installed by default. The decision was taken on the basis of need of a video editor by default, Pitivi's stability as an application and mediocre rating that it got in Software Center.
  • Computer Janitor will also be removed. It was termed as dangerous and can make your system unusable by wiping out some system files.
  • There was also a discussion around removal of LibreOffice because it takes CD space of around 60 MB. There were arguments both in favor and against Office Suites as default applications. However  arguments in favor were more prominent and convincing. So, no decision has been taken as of now and most probably LibreOffice will be there in Oneiric. Someone also suggested that an installer/link/shortcut can be provided in application menus that will allow users to download LibreOffice from Official repositories. But again it would not be wise to point users to download packages that are very large in size .
  • Full session notes here
New Features Planned for Software Center
  • Overall and start up performance improvement and more polish to user interface with bigger icons
  • New icon set for categories and software center itself
  • Ability to sort applications as per rating and like button similar to youtube/facebook
  • Better integration with Unity launcher with badges, progress bars
  • Implementing many Synaptic like feature like ability to install multiple applications at once using check boxes
  • A very interesting new feature may be added in which users may be able to drag and drop application suggestions that are shown in the lens directly to the launcher which will immediately start installation of that application, show a progress bar for that and pin it to the launcher.
  • Other Changes: Paid games will show system requirements, font preview, application description translations, embedded video preview etc.
  • Full notes here
Other Changes

These are yesterday's updates which got removed during outage:
  • Ubuntu 11.10 will Provide Post Release Updates for ATI and Nvidia Proprietary Drivers
  • LightDM Will Replace GDM Login Screen in Oneiric. LightDM can be themed easily and is faster than GDM
  • Evolution For Now, But Thunderbird Will be Default email client if Proper Desktop Integration Can be Done in Time
That will be all. Its already late night here. Expect some cool Linux gaming news tomorrow.


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