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[Ubuntu 11.10 Updates] Ubuntu Classic No More an Option in GDM

Warning: The development cycle for Ubuntu 11.10 has started only few days back and most of the things are unstable and broken. DO NOT try Ubuntu 11.10 on your production system as it has not even reached Alpha 1 Milestone. In fact, I got a broken system after today's update as there are some issues with GDM and was greeted by this after I logged into Gnome session via recovery console:

Now for the updates, Ubuntu Classic is no more an option in GDM. Earlier, Ubuntu and Ubuntu Classic were available as default Gnome session options but after today's update, it is only 'Ubuntu' now. The changelog also confirms this:

+ gnome-session
       - depends on unity, unity-2d or gnome-shell, and nautilus
       - suggests only gnome-session-fallback (we don't want it to be installed
         by default)

So, the classic panel layout (or Ubuntu Classic) as fallback session will not be installed by default. If a user wants to use the classic panel layout, gnome-session-fallback will have to be installed from repositories. 

Though at this moment I am not sure that the fallback session will use gnome-panel (GTK+2) or gnome-panel (GTK+3) as gnome-panel package in Oneiric is still based on GTK+2. This may or may not change in future as the entire Gnome-3 stack has not landed in Oneiric yet.

I have used Ubuntu Classic (or Ubuntu Desktop Edition before Unity) for so many releases now that the question that it will not be installed by default is troubling me. Though, with 11.04, I mostly use Unity and rarely go to Classic session but still there is feeling that its always there. 


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