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[Video] Keynote Address by Mark Shuttleworth at Ubuntu Developer Summit, Budapest

First of all, I could not provide any UDS updates yesterday as there was a serious problem with Google's Blogger service which I am using for Ubuntu Vibes. The problem has been fixed now, so here are the updates for first day of Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS).

Ubuntu Developer Summit has kicked off in Budapest, Hungary. Mark Shuttleworth delivered the keynote address and said that Ubuntu is aiming at a user base of 200 million within next 4 years.

Other points from Mark's Keynote:
  • Need a new set of rules to win the hearts and minds of the world, not just developers
  • Non-canonical people to be on the Technical Board
  • Collaboration is getting people with different goals and ideas working together, not getting them to have the same goals and ideas
  • No major shifts this cycle
If you want to watch the keynote address, here is a recording:

Other Discussion on Monday

Note: Most of the points below are discussions only and not final decisions.


Common things between Unity-3D and 2D will be shared like libraries, code bases, schema etc. Most probably Compiz will replace Metacity as window manager (Session log)

Backup Tool

Deja Dup is proposed and being evaluated as the new backup tool to be included by default in Ubuntu 11.10. The advantages of Deja Dup is that it can be integrated into Ubuntu One service and is less complicated compared to other backup tools like Bacula and Back in Time. (Session log)

The 1 CD Limit

There has been a discussion about the 1 CD limit of Ubuntu release. Concerned were raised as more qt libraries have to be packed in as Unity-2D is going to be default as fallback mode in 11.10. However as of now it seems that there are no plans to go over 700MB size and many things were suggested to remove unnecessary packages. Mark Shuttleworth also said that it will remain a 1 CD release in Ubuntu Open Week. (Session log 1, 2)

FireFox to remain as default Web Browser

The session on default web browser for Oneiric was cancelled so Firefox will remain as the default web browser in Ubuntu 11.10

Weblive Integration

We blogged about how in Ubuntu 11.04 you can try applications without actually installing them using Weblive by installing qtnx package. There has been a discussion on integrating Weblive by default in Ubuntu 11.10 so that users can easily test drive their favorite applications. (Session log)

Ubuntu One

Discussion about making Ubuntu One API more consistent and robust and exploring options for integrating more services like backups and video streaming. (Session logs)

System Sleep Functions

There has been a very interesting discussion on simplifying system sleep functions by eliminating options like suspend and hibernate and implementing a smart hybrid system as just 'Sleep' which will automatically suspend or hibernate on the basis of system situation like battery left, on battery on not on battery mode etc. (Session logs)

Cleaning up Startup Applications

Discussion on need of removing some un-needed startup entries, improving user interface and enabling drag n drop support for applications etc. (Session logs)

Web Catalogue for Software Center

Discussion about implementation of a new web service that will provide a web catalogue for applications in Ubuntu software center with ratings etc. so that they can be easily discoverable in search engines. (Session logs)

Examples: Try the link:

Screenshot by MichaelN showing a mockup:

That's it for day one. I will keep posting new updates for today's sessions so stay tuned.


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