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Beacon: Sweet Little 15 Minute Linux Game with a Surprisingly Touching Story

Beacon is a sweet platformer created in just 48 hours by indie developer randomine that takes us on a memorable 15 minute journey. With fantastic retro music score and 8-bit pixel graphics, the game creates a wonderful atmosphere where an stranded astronaut tries to solve the mystery of a distant planet and how he landed there.

The gameplay is very much like retro platform games that involves lots of jumping. Your character have a jetpack that you can use to reach greater heights. But the core gameplay involves scripted events, hints and clues you uncover while exploring which makes you think for few seconds from time to time. There is no killing, shooting enemies but you just avoid projectiles shot by jumping and moving around.

The AI is simply great as the projectiles are shot exactly at the same place where you land after jumping and not where you are which is really challenging and innovative. So, if you suck at jumping, you will die a few times but don't worry you will respawn exactly at the same place where you died.

Beacon really creates a deep and beautiful interactive experience with a sense of confusion and loneliness, mystery and yet it is pleasing, specially with nice touching ending.

I won't upload a gameplay video here. Just try it yourself, the game lasts for only 15-20 minutes.


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