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'Helena The 3rd' - New Indie Action Platformer Game for Linux

Helena The 3rd is a new fun action platformer for Linux inspired by good old NES game, Blaster Master. The game  innovatively combines 2D and 3D environments where you control a high-tech tank blasting your way through challenging levels and hordes of enemies.


The core gameplay is very similar to blaster master and those who have played the original NES version will quickly notice its resemblance to the classic. However, Helena The 3rd takes you to a neatly designed 3D world with its own new gameplay elements.

As soon as we start a new game, we find ourselves in control of a battle tank 'Helena The 3rd' equipped with a powerful gun. The game hints us about the controls, which are very similar to FPS games. We can move around the tank with WSAD and jump with SAPCE while using mouse to aim and shoot.

In moments, we will be jumping on the ledges, killing enemies, blasting hovering ships etc. to reach new heights and new areas. Soon, the game leads us to a tunnel where we first encounter a change in view.  This particular area is playable in full 3D mode till we exit from another entrance at opposite side of the tunnel. Because of change in view,  it takes a little bit of adjusting to get used to the new controls.

Also, there is one other exit in the area where we won't be able to enter with the tank. Its about time we see who is in the control of the tank. Hit TAB and he will graciously come out of the tank. This new area, yet again changes our view, this time to FPS mode. But like previously, the transition between different views is really smooth. We kill enemies here, grab a new powerful gun and take him back to the vehicle.

There are plenty of such instances in the game with increased difficulty, new areas, more updgrades and powerful enemies. The game also includes a split screen co-op mode.

Helena The 3rd is available for $2-$5 depending on how generous you feel. You can pre-order the game from here as the game is still under development and will be released in about two months. However, you will have access to development builds. You can also check out their 8 bit funding project page.

A Linux demo is also available on their website. Just download the archive and run the executable to play the game ( you may have to install dependency libalut0 available in Ubuntu repositories).

In all the game is really fun action game and is definitely a good deal for its price. Fans of Blaster Master will surely find this game to be highly fun and addictive. Besides, you will be helping and encouraging indie game developers for their efforts.

Check out the video

Many thanks to Kevin Pears from the game development team for the information.


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