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Irukandji and Bullet Candy Perfect, Two Fun Arcade Shooters Now Available in Ubuntu Software Center

Charlie, an Indie game developer from UK, makes fun score oriented arcade shooters. Under the name of Charlie's Games, he has released some nice games for Linux, two of them are now available in software center - Irukandji and Bullet Candy Perfect.


Irukandji is a fun score attack shooter, set in an abstract underwater trench. You fly your ship against the flow of hundreds of amazing procedurally animated sea monsters, blasting your way to the final showdown – a Giant Enemy Crab!

As you play, you unlock a variety of different ships each with its own unique weaponry and play style which offers a different way to play the game. There are also 10 challenging achievements to attempt, and online scores for each ship.

  • Cool procedurally animated sea monsters
  • 6 unique ships to unlock
  • Score attack gameplay
  • Online scores for each ship
  • 10 challenging achievements

Bullet Candy Perfect

Bullet Candy Perfect is a fun shoot-em-up game, with sharp, super smooth 3D graphics and a cool techno soundtrack. The game is all about honing your skills to perfection as you attempt the perfect run.

To help you on your way to the perfect run, Bullet Candy Perfect keeps track of your skills as you improve with it’s Perfect Points system, and assigns a ranking based on your ability in game. There are also 20 challenging achievements to obtain, as well as a global online high score board.

  • 50 awesome levels
  • 20 achievements to unlock
  • Score attack gameplay
  • Online hi-scores
  • Tactical suicide score mechanic

These are quite addictive shoot 'em up games, perfect for netbooks. Irukandji is available in software center for just $3 and Bullet Candy Perfect is available for $5. You can also check out Charlie's website for some other cool shooters for Linux.


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