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Vapor, Open Source and Cross Platform Steam Chat Client

Vapor is a cross platform steam chat client written in C# which allows you to chat with your friends on Steam. It does not have any other feature but is useful if you want to stay in touch with your friends while using Linux distributions.

You need Mono to run Vapor on Linux. It works flawlessly on Ubuntu 11.04 with the latest precompiled binary released two weeks back. You can also easily compile it from source using latest version of Mono. 

Vapor Client is developed by VoiDeD using a free and opensource project SteamRE that implements networking using SteamKit2 library. Both Vapor and SteamRE are work in progress and new features will be added in future.

You can download SteamRE proof of concept video from here 

Check out the video showing Vapor in action:

Steam already works nice under Wine so many will question its actual utility as a Linux client. However, it uses very low system resources and users are already trying to get it work on Android. Also, whether or not it violates Steam terms by emulating Steam communication protocols and framework is still questionable but both Vapor and SteamRE are not commercial projects. Use of Mono may also not be appreciated by some of the users. But these projects are actively developed kudos to the work done by VoiDeD and others.

Download Links

Vapor Precompiled Binaries
Vapor Source
SteamRE on BitBucket

To run Vapor, CD to the directory and execute the command mono Vapor.exe

Via Facepunch Forums | Reddit | Screenshots by VioDeD


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