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First Public Alpha Released for Linux Game 'The Platform Shooter'

First public Alpha of Linux game The Platform Shooter has been released. The game is based on Ogre3D engine and is developed by FRACTiLE Games.

About the game

The Platform Shooter features a classic platformer style single player gameplay where you must collect power cells, shoot down enemies and make your way to exit. The game comes with a level editor and a multiplayer mode as well where you can fight against your friends online.

Currently under heavy development, the first release is a test build so expect bugs and missing features. Also game animations and the gameplay is quite rough at this stage but the future improvements lined up for the game seems quite promising.

New features and improvements planned in future
  • More levels and weapons
  • Background music
  • Sentry guns (for the enemy)
  • Improved player controller (better jump/fall animation, allows walking over small steps without jumping)
  • Saved single player level high-scores
  • More player character animations (ragdoll death animation, weapon switching animation).
  • Player character skins
  • Automatic custom level downloading from server
  • Lots of smaller improvements to existing features (for example to level editor, online match browser and network game play)


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