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Get into Fast Paced, Multiplayer Aerial Combat with Linux Game Altitude

Altitude is a 2D side-scrolling airplane shooter game created by Erik Measure and Karl Sabo, the founders of Nimbly Games. The game is a fierce contest of fighter planes, battling for supremacy of the skies in a fast paced combat that is way more fun than a flight simulator.

It is a game of steely nerves, hair-trigger reflexes and brilliant tactical thinking. There are five unique planes to choose from and an online community that will provide you with hours of entertainment.

Check out the trailer below.

And this really awesome video by TotalBiscuit:

Altitude Linux demo is available from official website, has no time limit and includes access to all 5 planes (1st red perk, rubber hull, heavy armor, turbocharger). This perk set includes choices that are viable both for casual and for competitive play. Players can unlock access to the remaining perks at any time for a one-time purchase of $10. Linux version of Altitude can be bought from here (you will need to have Java installed from your Distro repositories for both demo and full version)


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