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New Linux Game Store 'Gameolith' Launches with 5 Indie Titles

Gameolith, a web based Linux game store has been launched with 5 indie games. The store aims to provide an easy way to get your favorite commercial Linux games with bundled DRM. Debian/Ubuntu, Fedora packages and tarballs will be made available for these games.

Three of these games are available for purchase while two other games can be pre-ordered. Many of these games are already available on Ubuntu Software Center and a few others will be added soon. 

We have reviewed 4 out of these 5 games which you can read from the links below.

Games Currently Available on Gameolith
So, Ubuntu Software Center (USC) is already on a spree adding more and more commercial games to its catalogue. Desura is coming soon to Linux and now here we have Gameolith. Looking at this, there is going to be more choices for Linux users which is good. 

But then success of these stores depend upon how well they develop a community around themselves. Clearly, Ubuntu Software Center and Desura have an advantage in this regard, plus USC is a built-in app/game store that comes pre-installed with the OS itself and can provide better support for games which gives it an upper hand.

Gameolith will have to keep adding more and more titles and have to connect better with the community to compete with these two. It does have one plus point over USC that it can provide packages for multiple distributions. Since, it has just launched, we wish it all the best and hope that it gets better over time.


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