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Strategy Game 'Unknown Horizons' Gets Random Maps and New Graphics in Latest Update

Remember free real time strategy game Unknown Horizons which we reviewed few days back? The game has received second update this year bringing in new goodies.

About the Game

Unknown Horizons is an open source real-time economy simulation game with strategy elements. The game is presented in an isometric 2D view. Your aim is to build colonies, collect taxes and use strategic trade policies and diplomacy to maintain a balanced economy. If you have played Settlers and Anno, you will be in familiar territory.

Check out the video below:

Changes in this Release (version 2011.2)
  • Random map system that creates awesome maps
  • Trade routes to help you manage settling on more than one island
  • Support for campaigns that group several scenarios
  • New Graphics - Three new building graphics, five new variations, no more placeholders. New assets include tavern, settler house, sugarcane field and a lumberjack unit and lot more tent and hut variations.
  • Performance improvements - reduced loading time of save games, faster mini map drawing, reduced generation time of random maps, improved caching of scenario and campaign files, improvement in AI of free trader, less CPU consumption
  • Many new and updated translations for both game interface and tutorials
  • Vast amounts of bugs fixed
  • A lot of polishing and balancing
  • Full changelog here
Download Unknown Horizons (Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Fedora, Gentoo Linux and Arch Linux packages). 

If you have an older version installed, uninstall it, remove .unknown-horizons folder from your home directory and then install the latest version.
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