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[Gaming] Helena The 3rd Video Review and Updates

Hello everyone and welcome to my first post! If you don't know me my name is Jake but better known as jakejw93 to the Linux community for my Youtube channel. Nitesh was kind enough to invite me to contribute to his website so expect a bit more gaming news and maybe some Ubuntu news if I feel up to the challenge!

So back to the headline. Someone involved with the game Helena the 3rd contacted me through Youtube the other week asking to make a video for him. This is the first time I had ever heard of the game let alone played it.

Core Gameplay

First looks: it hasn't got the most amazing graphics, though they are not bad either. The game is also getting updated constantly so expect it to change a lot! When you first enter the game you're greeted with a 2D world which is simple to adapt to with little puzzles on the way and also enemies who can be easily disposed of. But as you progress through the levels and pass through a gate, the game surprisingly becomes third person! This took me by surprise and somehow felt like the graphics were better in this view. Carrying on with the game, I had to get out of the tank I was driving to enter through another gate and this is when the game switched to first person view. I absolutely loved the view and it was like old style games like Doom or Quake. The innovation in the game is brilliant!

Planned Updates

The game will be constantly updated as mentioned before. First of all the textures are apparently stretched out a bit so when sorted, the game will most likely look a lot better. A new anti aliasing option is also being added so the game will have smoother edges making the whole game look better. More enemies and weapons will be introduced in future updates making in-game combat a lot more engaging and fun. Online multiplayer is also being added which will be really good!

Check their website out then buy the game or get the demo. Video review below:


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