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Indie Game 'No Time To Explain' Released for Linux

Indie adventure and platform game 'No Time to Explain' has been released for Linux. The game looks incredibly good in its launch trailer.

No Time To Explain is a platformer game about Time Travel, Big Jetpack Guns, Giant Enemy Crabs and Ribs in People's Eyes. You are taken on a wild adventure of time paradoxes, things that make no sense and more things that make less sense. The game went through a Kickstarter funding project which raised more than $ 26K for the developers though the actual target was only $ 7K. So there was already a huge interest in the game even before its release.

Now Season 1 of the game has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux and can be purchased for $10 from here. Funds from the sales of Season 1 will help in development of Season 2 which is due this December. If you buy now, you will also get Season 2 free when it is released.

Check out the trailer:


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