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Innovative Real Time Strategy Game 'Achron' Released for Linux

Much awaited innovative real time strategy game Achron has been released for Linux. Achron features single-player and multiplayer strategic gameplay with free-form time travel.

About the Game

Achron is a futuristic RTS featuring three species with vastly different playing styles where you create your buildings and army, explore the map, expand to acquire more resources, upgrade your tech tree, and engage in combat with your foes. One of its kind, Achron is a meta-time RTS game where players and units can jump to and play at different times simultaneously and independently. More hands-on gameplay details can be found on this RPS article.

How Players can Use Time Dimension in Achron

Like many other games, Achron allows the player to view an overhead map of the surrounding area. However, Achron also shows a map of the timeline. If the player is attacked at a certain point in time, the timeline will show the amount of damage received at that point by a large amount of red on that portion of the timeline. The timeline also shows information including damage dealt and chronoports. Being able to see the amount of available resources at any point in time helps the player figure out the best points in time to construct more units. Further details about it can be found here

Game Trailer

How to Purchase

Achron is can be purchased for $29.95 from here. As of now only 64bit Linux binaries are available so keep that mind if you want to buy the game. However, there are already plans for supporting 32bit in future. An order for Achron will give you access to install any of the Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms that are supported.

The game package will include:
  • The full story-driven single player game spread over four campaigns and 35 levels
  • Multiplayer levels
  • All the mod tools, access to level submissions and submitted mods
  • Access to tournaments and community artwork submissions
Further details can be found here


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